Introducing APPS

Mainly two types of this APPS, we recommend to proceed with the learning in the following purposes.

TYPE1:Practice Exam - Learn in order repeatedly, if you can not answer some questions then memorize the answer itself for the time being.
TYPE2:Virtual Exam - All the questions will be randomly given, so use it in the final confirmation before the exam.

The following is type1 example question, you can just repeat it until you can understand or just memorize it, finally you can do quick answer.

Question 1 - In which way does a spine-and-leaf architecture allow for scalability in a network when additional access ports are required?

A. A spine switch and a leaf switch can be added with redundant connections between them.
B. A spine switch can be added with at least 40 GB uplinks.
C. A leaf switch can be added with connections to every spine switch.
D. A leaf switch can be added with a single connection to a core spine switch.

At this time, the answer is C.