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A bank account is established for a new business customer. The business was established five years ago with an address in another state. The business website contains few details other than stating it is a real estate business. One principal has an international telephone number and appears to be living in another country. The other principal works out of a recreational vehicle. What warrants enhanced due diligence in this scenario?
A. Shell company
B. Human trafficker
C. Politically exposed person
D. Money laundering through real estate
Answer: A

A branch manager for a small community bank has a new customer who deposits four EUR 50,000 checks into one account. Shortly thereafter, the customer goes to another branch and asks to transfer all but EUR 1,500 to three accounts in different foreign jurisdictions. Which suspicious activity should be the focus of the suspicious transaction report?
A. The customer opened the account with four large checks
B. The customer goes to a different branch to make this transaction
C. The customer transfers almost all of the funds out of the account
D. The customer asks to transfer funds to accounts in three different foreign jurisdictions
Answer: D

A government has instituted new anti-money laundering laws which require all financial institutions to obtain certain information from its customers. Which step should an institution located in this jurisdiction take to ensure compliance?
A. Change procedures to require that the necessary information is obtained
B. Change procedures and systems as necessary and provide employee training
C. Send a notice to customers asking them to provide the necessary information
D. Change systems to ensure the required information is automatically obtained from all customers
Answer: C